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Navigating Ecuador's Investment Visa: A Step-by-Step Guide

The Ecuador Investment Visa unlocks a world of opportunities amid the captivating landscapes and rich culture of this South American nation. Understanding the intricacies of Ecuador's visa system is essential for investors eager to tap into its potential. Temporary and permanent visas are available for qualified individuals. Choosing the right visa aligned with your investment […]

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 Ecuador Rentista Visa: Everything You Need to Know

Embark on a journey to Ecuador and experience its rich culture and captivating charm without the constraints of work obligations. Ecuador’s Rentista (or Rentier) Visa presents an enticing proposition, allowing you to turn this dream into a reality. Once considered a hidden gem in South America, Ecuador has now emerged as a sought-after destination for […]

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Ecuador Professional Visa

The Professional Visa is a popular option for those wanting to obtain residency in Ecuador. It allows you to explore job opportunities, start a business, or simply stay in the country. Remember, you don't have to have a job in Ecuador to apply for this visa! This visa allows foreigners to obtain temporary, and eventually […]

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Ecuador Work Visa for Temporary Residency

Ecuador offers a wide variety of residency visas. Many countries have easy access to numerous temporary residency visa options. Whilst there are many popular visa options, this article focuses only on the work visa for Ecuador.

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Ecuador Retirement Visa Requirements

Ecuador is a wonderful country, full of natural beauties just a few kilometers away from each other. Its unparalleled beauty not only makes it attractive but also gives you the quality of life that you can have,  knowing that we are talking about a South American country.

Ecuador is a dollarized country, which makes tourism and the desire to make this country a new home feasible and very simple. Thousands of expats choose Cuenca as their destination city and according to the Retirement Index (RI), Ecuador is one of the first countries with the best criteria for choosing to retire. 

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Getting a Digital Nomad Visa in Ecuador

Expat Law Group helps clients obtain temporary and permanent residency visas for Ecuador. There is a new type of visa called the Digital Nomad Visa (Rentista for Remote Work) that opens up some more avenues for entrepreneurs, digital nomads & remote workers who want to spend more than 6 months in Ecuador. We're providing the […]

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Ecuador's Immigration Amnesty: What You Need to Know

Ecuador has recently granted immigration amnesty to foreigners who are in the country with an irregular migratory situation. Through Executive Decree No. 698, President Guillermo Lasso has provided amnesty for those who have entered Ecuador through official migratory control points but are not in a legal position to stay in the country. This visa was […]

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Ecuador Decreases Residency Visa Fees by 40%

Expat Law Group is excited to share some good news with you regarding recent law changes that have decreased the price of residency visas for expats thinking of making Ecuador their home. New government fees for temporary residency visas Previously, the government fee for a temporary residency visa was $450. However, with the recent law […]

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Divorce in Ecuador: A Survival Guide for Expats

Getting a divorce in Ecuador can be a complex process, especially for expats who may not be familiar with the country's laws and procedures. This article provides an overview of this process in Ecuador, including the grounds for divorce, residency requirements, and how to file for one. We will also touch on issues related to […]

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