Getting a Digital Nomad Visa in Ecuador

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By Wolfram Palacio

May 6, 2022

Expat Law Group helps clients obtain temporary and permanent residency visas for Ecuador. There is a new type of visa called the Digital Nomad Visa (Rentista for Remote Work) that opens up some more avenues for entrepreneurs, digital nomads & remote workers that want to spend more than 6 months in Ecuador.

We're providing the law below and some key points you may want to consider when applying for the Digital Nomad Visa in Ecuador.

Digital Nomad Visa Law

The Digital Nomad Visa is a sub-category of the Rentista visa category.


The Rentista for Remote Work (aka Digital Nomad Visa) allows foreigners who have a remote job or own their own company, to work in Ecuador for a period of up to 2 years.


The main requirements specific to the Digital Nomad Visa are:

1. Monthly Income

You'll need to show 3 x basic salaries to be eligible. In 2022, one basic salary is $425, so the monthly salary you'll need to show is $1,275.

To prove this income, you'll need to provide bank statements for the previous 6 months.

2. Employment contract or proof of company ownership abroad

This requirement is designed to prove you're a digital nomad. What you'll need to provide is slightly different depending on your circumstances.

As a remote employee, you'll need to provide a work contract from your employer that states your position and confirms you're allowed to work abroad. This must be apostilled (or legalized) in the country where the company is headquartered.

As a business owner, you'll need to provide documentation that shows you do own a business that is registered and domiciled abroad. This must be apostilled (or legalized).

3. Resident of an authorized country

Only nationals of countries belonging to a list authorized by the Ministry of Tourism are eligible to apply. This is still being reviewed, but the current status is that citizens of all countries EXCEPT the following can apply:

Afganistán, Angola, Bangladesh, Camerún, Corea del Norte, Cuba, Egipto, Eritrea, Etiopía, Filipinas, Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, India, Irak, Irán, Kenia, Libia, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistán, República Democrática del Congo, Senegal, Siria, Somalia, Sri Lanka, Venezuela, Vietnam and Yemen.

4. Health insurance

You'll need to obtain health insurance. This can be from an Ecuadorian health insurance provider or suitable cover from abroad.

30 days to send documents

Once the electronic visa is issued, you have 30 days to provide the original documents to the migration office that issued the visa. If you fail to do so, your visa will likely be canceled.

Cedula (identity card)

Once the Digital Nomad Visa has been processed, you'll be eligible to receive an Orden de Cedulacion and will then be able to apply for an appointment to obtain your Ecuadorian cedula (or identity card).

Need help applying for your Digital Nomad visa?

Applying for the Digital Nomad Visa isn't a straightforward process and you may find yourself requiring professional legal assistance to obtain it.

If you do need help, get in touch to arrange an obligation-free initial consultation with one of our visa experts.

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