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Divorce in Ecuador: A Survival Guide for Expats

Getting a divorce in Ecuador can be a complex process, especially for expats who may not be familiar with the country's laws and procedures. This article provides an overview of this process in Ecuador, including the grounds for divorce, residency requirements, and how to file for one. We will also touch on issues related to […]

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Ecuador Retirement Visa Requirements

Hello, my name is Joseph Guznay and I am an experienced visa professional. If you are considering retiring in Ecuador, I am here to help you understand the process for obtaining an Ecuadorian Retirement Residency Visa, also known as a Pensioner, Jubilado, or Pensionado Visa. Ecuador is a stunning country located in South America that […]

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Ecuador Professional Visa

The Professional Visa is a popular option for foreigners to obtain temporary, and eventually permanent, residency. The main distinguishing feature of this visa is that the applicant must have a university degree. Professional Visa Law The laws pertaining to the Professional Visa can be found in: Articles 60, 61, 62, 63, 64, 65, and 68 […]

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